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BeneMedical, LLC creates digital solutions applying highly trained wellness specialists to assist doctors and patients in the quest for healthy lives and profitable medical practices.  We believe that informed patients and empowered primary care providers are at the center of good healthcare.

Does your Practice qualify for MACRA-MIPS bonuses?

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Making a Difference in Your Practice


Today, the Annual Wellness Visit is the optimal tool in a doctor’s arsenal to beat back the power of payers and policymakers in the drive to quality intended to restore balance to healthcare.

AWV360 is currently performed in the following states:

Alabama ● Arizona ● California ● Colorado ● Georgia ● Idaho
Louisiana ● Mississippi ● Nevada ● New Mexico ● New York ● North Carolina
Pennsylvania ● South Carolina ● Tennessee ● Texas ● Utah ● Virginia


Our nurses complete the Annual Wellness Visit – saving



We provide MIPS satisfying prevention metrics – gaining


We file the claims for accurate reimbursement – making


Seamless Integration


Practice Implementation Program

We will work with your office to help you activate your patient-base and schedule the Medicare Wellness Exams all eligible patients. Our practice revenue calculators help you forecast additional revenue generated from the Annual Visit.

Insurance Approved

The AWV360 exceeds the government recommendations for the Annual Wellness Exam. Our software is ICD-10 compliant.

Quality Time With Patients

Our service involves the patient in the decision-making process regarding their own health. It helps patients choose goals that are personally meaningful and helps you track their progress over the course of the year.

Benemedical’s AWV360 program has helped our clinic prepare for the new MACRA regulations going into effect January 2017. The program has been an effective way to meet the Annual Wellness Visit requirement and allowed me to focus on more pressing patient issues. The additional revenue stream was an extra bonus!

Ronald E. Carroll, MD
Healthcare with Heart
Payette, Idaho

BeneMedical’s AWV360 has helped keep our clinic in compliance with Medicare.  AWV360 assures that our patients receive their Annual Wellness Visits each year, providing preventive health services to help keep our patients well and out of the hospital.  In addition, AWV360 enhances our doctor-patient relationships and increases our clinic revenue.

Jeremy Pittman, Administrator
Westridge Family Clinic
Laurel, Mississippi

At first, I was skeptical because I’d never had an Annual Wellness Visit, but my Patient Engagement Specialist was precious.  She was patient and not pushy, and I felt like I was talking to an understanding friend who cared about me.  I’ve never had so many questions asked about my personal health and habits, but she helped me understand why they are relevant to my overall health.  I finally felt heard and valued as a patient.

C. Blackledge
Female Patient
Mississippi Clinic

My Health Risk Assessment took about 45 minutes to complete over the phone.  It makes sense to take advantage of a free health benefit that is designed to help keep me well and out of the hospital.  More people my age should take advantage of their Annual Wellness Visit.  It makes sense to do your best to work with your doctor to stay well.

J. Pederson
Male Patient
Arizona Clinic

I am glad I went to my AWV appointment at the clinic with the Wellness Specialist.  Compared to most people I know my age, I think I am pretty healthy; still, I only make appointments when I am sick.  This time at the clinic was different.  It was about taking control of what I can regarding my own health and well-being.  I learned more about what I need to do to keep my health optimal as I get older based upon my family history and current habits.  There was no charge for the visit and that was also a plus!

S. Struve
Male Patient
Nevada Clinic

My Wellness Specialist at the clinic was wonderful!  She explained all of my health risks identified through my Health Risk Assessment.  She did a thorough job of educating me about what I can do to help stay healthy.  My Personalized Prevention Plan is now on my refrigerator and reminds me every day that staying healthy requires me doing my part and working with my doctor.  I may not have a great family health history, buy my AWV helped me see that there are things I can do to help myself stay well.

L. Hobbs
Female Patient
Texas Clinic

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